About Us

Having been raised in Maine and enjoying just about everything in nature that can be offered I thought I would be in Maine forever. My plan was to start a business and retire by 30!
I graduated college as a member of the National Honor Society with my Accounting Degree. My minor in Computer Sciences would have required another couple months and that would have slowed me down so off I went.
My first business was an office machine dealership that I owned and operated for about 17 years. In its peak, I employed 53 fellow Mainers. My largest client was the State of Maine government and my smallest any Nintendo game user!

Name: Kevin
Tel: +1 (239) 246-6639
Email: KCloutier9@gmail.com

For about 3 years after I sold the company I dealt in sports memorabilia and created a website to market the rare items I acquired but soon that become boring to me as I ending up being nothing more than an order taker.
In 1997 after my lovely wife and I returned from our honeymoon I decided to obtain my Real Estate license and beginning with my first year being named Rookie of The Year by Maine’s largest independent company, until today, I have maintained a top tier agent having won many awards both monthly and yearly.
I have made many new friends along the way and have enjoyed the facial expressions of joy and excitement on those I have helped to sell or acquire a home or business as we sit at the closing table together. Almost 900 times now.
But as I look beyond my 21+ year career as a 45+ per year transaction agent to something more beneficial to my family long term, I decided to finally open my own brokerage and make sure that my wife Angie and son Kyle could ease into the business and have careers for themselves.
Cre8tive Realty Inc., will now continue my journey as a business owner of one kind or another that started way back in 1980 to continue now and into the future.

Born and raised in Maine, we relocated down here to beautiful, sunny SW Florida in 2008 and have had the time of my life ever since. Kevin and I were Realtors in Maine as well and in 2008, we picked up our family and business and headed south. Our boys were 9 and 10 at the time and now, our oldest has joined us in our company. As a stay at home mom when the boys were little, I helped the family business to run smoothly, content to stay in the background, doing paperwork, marketing and working the hours that they were in school.

Name: Angie
Tel: +1 (239) 246-6437
Email: Cre8iveRealtors@gmail.com

Once our youngest started high school, and we had moved to our dream home on the banks of the Caloosahatchee in North Fort Myers, I found myself with spare time on my hands and decided to come out from behind the scenes and work with my own clients. Fast forward to today and Cre8ive Realty has been born!
I absolutely LOVE this area of the world and have gotten to know it very well. Whether you are interested in buying or selling a retirement condo, a single family home, a gulf access home, Gulf front beauty or a seasonal rental, I love doing it all. I bring that northern work ethic down and I am positive that I can help you to achieve your SW Florida residency. Selling and renting real estate adds so much to my life. Some of my clients are now life long friends.
With Kevins 20+ years of experience, we make a great team. I think that I can honestly say that there is virtually no situation that one of us has not run into yet. We can get Cre8ive to help you get into your next (or first) home. From vacation rentals up to family compounds and commercial properties, Cre8ive is your one-stop-shop. Our customer service is second to none. How can I help you?

After graduating high school half a year early, I embarked on a journey that would change my life forever. I went to the country of Brazil. I absolutely fell in love with the country, learned the language, the culture, the people. I was, unfortunately, released from my bartending job here in the States while visiting Brazil this past January and my credit card and debit card was compromised for fraud, all on my third day out of fourteen being there. I was sitting in the Botanical Garden of Curitiba contemplating starting a life in Brazil, and my self-motivation and pride wouldn’t let me be defeated in those hard times.

Name: Kyle
Tel: +1 (239) 246-8599
Email: KyleKCloutier@gmail.com

I returned to the United States and immediately began studying real estate. What made me choose real estate was my own heritage. My mother and father are also employed under the same brokerage as I am. I have been involved in their advertising since I was an infant. Our team has been voted Best of Cape Coral every year since 2016 AND Best of North Fort Myers since 2017 and I am looking to help extend that honor.
I am a smart and friendly person, a problem solver by nature. I look forward to meeting new people, solving their problems and making their dreams of home ownership come true here sunny SW Florida.